Life Ruined by Children's Card Games



Whenever I get sad about my anatomy I look at Rob Liefeld’s art and that cheers me up.


even at my most drunk i will never be as bad as him


Social Justice Warrior?? okay but we’re gonna need a Social Justice Thief and a Social Justice Cleric cuz I’m a Social Justice Witch and don’t have party heals. Might need a Social Justice Paladin if the war isn’t specced into defense plus maybe another Social Justice DPS to round the party out


Spent way too long on these for how mediocre they came out. Whatever, GUILTY GEAR WHUKOW!



What if 4Kids dubbed Kill La Kill?

Here it is, Bully La Bully! Featuring Riley Matthews and Stacey Kristen!

drew some quality fanart of this

Jesus fuck, this account was made in 2003. Who the fuck allowed me on the internet in 2003??

Updated: xx xx, 2004

HAHAhahaHAHahahahahahahahaha.. hah.. *touches screen* I still cry about what’s going to happen next…

My favorite thing about Highschool AU fanfictions is that it’s almost always like American High Schools and they go through like prom and homecomings and shit and one of the main characters are always cheerleader captain and or social outcast (or both and they get together) and it’s the most ridiculous things ever but it’s supremely entertaining. It’s like watching The Breakfast Club but everyone is Japanese.

Plus points when there’s side characters and they’re the most stereotypical American High Schooler name ever. Usually football players.


A comic about Dark Souls 2


A comic about Dark Souls 2